Our infant and toddler program accepts children from birth to 36 months! Going along with our Reggio Philosophy, the program is based around each child’s needs.

We have an extended quiet time in this program for those children who need the extra sleep and our feeding times are when the children are hungry. In saying that, we base our program around the children’s needs, however, there is still structure and routine which helps the children become comfortable at our centre, and also provides a sense of predictability and consistency!

Along with teaching children how to play nicely with others and how to respect one another, we also believe in fostering a strong sense of autonomy and confidence in their ability to do everyday tasks, as well as, explore materials for the first time.We work very hard to expose the children everyday to different experiences through: art activities, sensory activities, stories, and different types of music and movement activities.

We also strongly believe that it is in the best interest of every child to be able to get outside and move. Outside time creates a calmer and happier group of children because we provide them with the time to release their energy in a positive and productive way. At Bright Eyes Academy, everyday is seen as an adventure and everyday we along with the children come to explore every nook and cranny of the world… the possibilities and fun are endless!


7 – 8.45am Centre opens, free play and activities
8.45 – 9am Clean up
9 – 9.30am Planned Activity (art, sensory, science, etc.)
9.30 – 10am Morning Snack/ Clean Up
10 – 10.30am Circle Time, preparation for outdoor play
10.30 – 11.15am Outdoor Play or Walk
11.15 – 11.30am Come inside, clean up for lunch
11.30am – 12pm Lunch
12 – 3pm Nap Time
3 – 3.30pm Wake up/ Free Play
3.30 – 4pm Afternoon snack and feeding
4 – 4.30pm Planned Activity #2 (art, sensory, etc.)
4.30 – 5.15pm Outdoor play
5.15 – 6pm Indoor free play/centre closes

1:4 Teacher to Child Ratio


Brooke Location
8718 Delwood Dr., Delta, BC

Hours of operation:
Monday to Friday 7am – 5.30pm



Holly Location

4662 62th Street, Delta, BC

Hours of operation:
Monday to Friday 7am – 6pm