I am caring, kind and quiet, and I have a passion for working with children.  I work in the 3-5 year old program at the Holly location.  I am a certified Early Childhood Educator since 1996.

A little bit about me

I was born and raised in Vancouver.  I moved to Ladner in 1999 with my husband Paul.  We have three beautiful daughters, Kalena, Leilani, and Malia. The girls have many different interests and activities to keep them busy.  They have karate lessons and a variety of dance lessons.   Ladner has a great community and is a beautiful place to live and work.

Me and Childcare

I worked at a preschool in Vancouver for 13 years.  I decided to come to Bright Eyes Academy in October 2008 because it was close to home and it allowed me to be close to my girls.  Working with in the 3-5 group is very rewarding.  I enjoy seeing the children learn new things, smile, create, be themselves, play, and I am greeted everyday with smiling faces and big hugs!  I also love that the parents have so much trust to leave the most important thing in their lives in my care.

I love the Reggio Approach to education because the children have control over the direction of their learning.  I work on projects based on the children’s interest, and the children come up with questions, answers, and ideas.  I follow along based on what they want to know and work on it as long as they are interested.   It is amazing how much the children learn and remember from this approach.  Being a Reggio teacher, I let the children explore their world and allow children to be children.

I love the cuddles, smiles, stories that I receive from the children.  My co-workers are amazing people to work with.  I am so glad that I get to learn from the children through their play, art, and conversations with me and their friends.  Every day, I discover something amazing and fascinating from them.