I am an energetic, enthusiastic person who adores working with children! I work in the Infant and Toddler Program at Brooke and my qualifications include: Early Childhood Care and Education Certificate, Special Needs and Infant and Toddler Diploma.
A little bit about me: I currently live in North Delta, just a short distance from Bright Eyes Academy. I have a daughter that attends the Brooke location of Bright Eyes Academy. If my friends described me they would say that I am a very active, caring person who loves to have a good time no matter where I am!

One of my biggest interests would have to be softball. I was the youngest person to attend the softball Nationals that were held in Winnipeg. I am involved in all aspects of softball from playing it in the Senior Women’s Fast pitch to teaching my daughter how to play and playing on co-ed orthodox and slo-pitch teams.

Me and Childcare

My attraction to childcare came from my genuine love for children. I have always loved being around children. Working in the Infant and Toddler program is such a reward and no matter what, the children are always willing to give hugs and kisses. It may be when they first see you in the morning or if you are sitting there and just look like you need a little cuddle!

If I had to choose my favourite part of the day it would have to be art time in the IT room! As soon as you say the word art or the children see paint they are so enthusiastic to get in there and get as messy as possible. I think the most interesting project that we have done with the children would be the releasing of the butterflies, some of the children had the opportunity to hold the butterflies and it was interesting to see how they explored this small little insect so intently. The reason that I believe in the Reggio approach to teaching children is I believe that it is important for the teacher to become a student and learn to follow what the children want to do. I also see that the children become very creative and take chances when given the opportunity.

I truly enjoy the work that I do and I love all the stories, cuddles, and adventures that I get taken on each day with all the children in the classroom! I have really enjoyed meeting all of the children that have come into our center and I have become very fond of my co-workers. I look forward to being around Bright Eyes Academy for a long time and watching our babies grow into small children!