I am a caring and kind person who loves working with children.  I work in the3-5 Group Care program at Brooke Elementary and my qualifications include my ECE certificate from Douglas College.

A little about me

I have lived in Surrey my whole life and love that I live very close to White Rock Beach!   I grew up mostly with my mom raising me and my younger brother. I love watching movies and going on walks as well as camping!  I also love to read and usually have at least one book on the go if not 2.

Me and Childcare

Growing up going to daycare from age of 5-11 I have wanted to work with children in some aspect from a very young age. It wasn’t until the end of high school on a work experience placement in a kindergarten class that I decided I wanted to work with young children.   I love seeing a child go home a little more sure of themselves and their capabilities as they learn and grow in their surroundings.

My favorite thing about the Reggio approach is that it is so child centered. We have the opportunity to discover and learn about so many different things as we tap into their interests and likes.  We don’t really know exactly which direction a topic will go in when we start them and that is the exciting part about it! I have had the joy of learning about Recycling and compost, transportation, and most recently fairy tales.  Discovering things together as a group threw discussions, stories, and songs is usually a highlight of my day.  I love being asked to sing a song we had fun with at circle or to read a book again because someone really enjoyed it.

I really enjoy the work I do spending time with children. I love getting to know them all and finding out what makes each and every one of them so special.